Jackson is just over 2 years old...27 months for anyone counting...and he has entered a fun phase of communication. He's always been really vocal. At his first birthday he could easily rattle off all the basics: Mama, Dada, ball, uh-oh, etc. He's been mastering full sentences for a while now, and has developed it to such a point that he can very clearly say what he wants to do( and of course, what he does NOT want to do). I've found this ability very entertaining when it comes to play.

He is very particular about things, and that is definitely evident during playtime. I'm sure all kids have their specific likes and dislikes and specific ways things are to be done. I really have no point of reference since Jackson is my first child. But I'm going to make a pretty educated guess that my Jacksy is especially particular. He's always been a little methodical about things, very thoughtful and intentional. Match that with being a firstborn, and that his dad is precisely the same way, and I'd say it's a pretty accurate statement.

So, in an attempt to document the silly things that are said around my house by this kiddo, here are some things Jackson has taught me. Yes, taught me. He is extraordinarily certain about these facts. I am lucky to have someone so knowledgeable at my beckoning call.

Lesson 1:

This is where we make bread. I have no idea why, but every time we are on a walk and we come across a fire hydrant, we stop and "make food" and always specifically "make bread". He pretend turns some knobs and pushes some buttons, and there it is: fresh bread. I realize this in no way resembles an oven and I have in fact never made bread, but we've stopped for fire hydrant bread for many months now.

Lesson 2:

That money in Mr. Potato Heads hand...it's for him to buy gas. (As a side comment, I'm not sure why that one arm is substantially thinner than all the other arms-I'm pretty sure they all came in the same box). And also, Mr. Potato Head always wears red pants, never blue. The blue pants are for the girl only. I try switching the pants regularly but it is a no go every time. Now, the red pants are attached to tiny red heels, so Nick and I just call him The Cowboy.

Lesson 3:

These are the "guys with bandaids". And this one represents a plethora of amusing things that come out of Jackson's mouth while we are perusing through the Beginners Bible. We read it a lot so he is pretty familiar with most of the stories, and the little thoughts he rattles off about them make me smile. "Read Saul....there's Peter!...there's another James!...read A Voice In the Night....not The Good Samaritan...Bread from Heaven! Tastes like honey!..." I could go on and on but I won't. These moments always bring me joy because they're hilarious, and of course, I thrill at his little head soaking in Bible stories.

Lesson 4:

This is Snowy (name compliments of Daddy). He likes to play cars with us, but he only plays with this white police car. Why? Well, because they are the same color, of course.

Lesson 5:

While we're on cars, these are the cars that have been selected for me to play with. Every time. And we play cars A LOT. He will search for these cars and hand them to me, or replace the ones in my hand with them. It started out as just the purple one, and the green one was added soon after. The blue one is a fairly recent addition. Now an important feature of these cars...they are called "low and slow'. A phrase we learned from the movie Cars, and Daddy identified the purple car as being one such "low and slow" car. So now these 3 vehicles are Mommy's "low and slow" cars and I'm not sure why they were chosen to go to me instead of Daddy. It may be because Daddy has clarified that he likes chevy's, which to Jackson then excludes "low and slow's".

and finally,

Lesson 6:

Jackson has a handful of dinosaurs he's gotten into playing with lately. We named off their actual names (Brontosaurus, T-rex, Triceratops, etc) and he actually remembered and calls them all by their real names, except for these two. I didn't know what these ones were called, so he took on naming them himself. The bigger one is "Bite" and the little one, "Little Jackson".

There you have it. A few insights into our daily playtime experience.