Happy Father's Day! There are 2 men who have filled that title with the most meaning in my life. First of all, of course, my dad. He is the greatest dad I could ask for! A man who has loved the Lord, my mom, my sisters, brother and I in a way that has led me straight to Jesus. What a blessing he has always been in my life! And then, of course, the father of my children, my husband! I am also blessed to be growing a family with him! He is a fantastic dad to our two little boys. I am proud to stand next to him as they grow!

So here's to you, James Donald and Nicholas Jackson. One dad OFFICIALLY an empty-nester, with 4 kids all grown up, and one dad fresh out of the gate, with a precocious toddler and a 3 month old charmer. All the things you've both said and done countless times for your kids have not gone unnoticed... here are some things that have stuck:

First, Dad, my dad, I've learned these things, among others, distinctly from you:

1. Don't quit (you're a Smith).

2. When in doubt, don't.

3. NO! say it like you mean it.

4. Save your money.

5. Clean up-don't leave your stuff at the bottom of the stairs.

6. Don't kick boys (or girls, but specifically boys, cuz if they were raised right, they aren't allowed to kick back).

7. Be polite (and sit down at the table : ).

8. Be silly.

9. Don't take things TOO seriously-some things are kinda funny.

10.Go on adventures.

11.Love Jesus.

12.Be patient.

13.Be calm.

14.Be quiet in the campground and the backyard at night



17.Take pictures.


19.Keep your promises.

20.Work hard.

Dad and I meeting

my 17th birthday

wedding day

And now, to Nick, my babies Daddy. We are only 27 months in to this parenting thing, but here are some things that you've definitely taught our son (and I'm sure they will taught to Coop too):

1.Love Jesus.

2.Don't be fussy.

3.Be rough with boys, not girls or babies.


5.Don't throw your food on the floor.

6.Water is fun, not scary.

7.Train tracks can have hills.

8.Daddy likes cadillacs.

9.Smoothies are awesome.

10.SuperDaddy loves Jackson-Mater and Super-Cooper!

Daddy and Jackson in the sand

smoothie's with Daddy

Daddy meeting Cooper

Happy Fathers Day you Great Dads.