Well, we've made it to our final day. Friday is always a little bit of a giddy day for me. Sometimes for no reason, but I welcome the giddiness nonetheless. So 5 days logged, and as I cap it off here is a highlight of my weeks activities:

15 meals prepared

15 naps administered (sleep optional)

50 diapers changed (approximately-no way was I going to count each diaper change)

2 grocery runs


2 loads of laundry cleaned

5 full sinks of dishes cleaned

6 baths given (although daddy must take the credit for 2 of them)

5 blogs written!(whew!)

and an undisclosed amount of time playing cars, monster trucks, trains, legos, scooter riding, Bible story reading, Word World watching, boo-boo kissing, tickling, coloring, and a handful of other household chores and playtime activities.

I love watching all these boys being happy and feeling safe and loved and taken care of. I feel like my legs did after that long uphill walk a few days ago-the good kind of tired!

So, here's Friday!

Good morning! Jackson and I were up first together this morning! We drove some cars around these "huge hills" up in his room.

Morning Cooper! Daddy and Coop woke up a little bit later.

This kid smiles at the drop of a hat. I love it.

When he gets really tickled he puffs up his chest and tightens up his arms and legs. Totally cute. Of course I took a million pictures of this giggle time!

Today a "picnic breakfast" was requested. So there was a blanket, milk, an apricot and "just plain bread".

Cooper wants to be vertical so badly, he is happy sitting here for a while even though his feet don't even touch the ground yet!

Took an early walk today to the "little park". I thought we should get out early because when I was up this morning the sky was clear and blue...which here at the beach a clear blue sky in the early morning usually means it's gonna be a hot day! We usually see the morning covered in fog!

Still getting used to Jackson playing like a big boy at the park! He's not a baby anymore!

For example, today was the FIRST time he's ever been brave enough to go down the tube slide!

Another big boy move.

Swinging like a super hero.

So big.

Cooper was totally happy to sit and look around...this is still amazing to me after 14 weeks of colic! This would've never happened.

Jackson burying pine cones and telling me "Jesus was buried. And He rose again! He is coming to get us" Love it when I hear the Jesus stuff that sticks with him. Starts in the head...and we just pray God's grace will eventually reach into his heart.

Home from our walk and Jackson grabbed this stuff, put it all on, then came running to me saying, "I'm ready to go to the beach!"

Lunch with Uncle Andy (he stayed with us Thursday night). Jackson loves any and every extended family member. We're always talking about all the cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents!

Hold me! Hold me!" Little sleepy boy heading for his second nap. This kiddo had a great napping day! Maybe after 5 days of no swing, success is almost here! He broke the 30 minute naptime barrier...an hour in the morning, and almost 2 in the afternoon! AND he was sleepy, but not ASLEEP when I put him down in the afternoon, and this champ drifted off to sleep on his own. Yay baby!

Daddy had a little downtime this afternoon, and stole the show! He's been crazy excited to play legos since the moment we found out we were pregnant. And then it was a boy-even more excited. So today was THE day. He's been scouring the internet for a good deal (legos are expensive!) and found a great deal on Craigslist. So not only did Daddy get Jackson up from his nap, AND make him a smoothie, he also had a box FULL of legos to play with.

LOOOOOOOVED the legos. Huge success. With a dinner break in between, he played with them for 4 hours!

"Here's some pretty things for you mom!" The yellow one from Jackson, the green one from Daddy.

well rested Coopy!

Bathtime for Jacksy! Cooper came along to hang out.

Love these brothers : )

And so ends my Snapshot Week! It was a little extra work added to my day, but I'm glad I did it! This will definitely have a sequel.