So this blog is meant to be multi-purposed. At the root of it, for me, is just a love to write, and this is my creative outlet to do so. Write about whatever. Something that happened to me. Something funny. Something frivolous. An update on life. A backstory on life. Something I love. Something I'm learning. You get it. Writing to me is what I imagine cooking feels like for some people (unfortunately not me). It is an artform and the result is filled with so many tiny delicacies woven together to create a symphony of taste. That is how I feel about writing. It creates a symphony of words, so perfectly built to draw you in to have an experience simply by reading. I write songs, and feel the same way about that. As a wedding present to Nick I wrote out, in story form, our entire relationship. From "hello" to "I do". Just to preserve those little moments and feelings and even arguments that would most likely be forgotten because they were so momentary, but now we'll be able to remember and treasure them together. Which leads me directly back(whoa, got a little sidetracked) to this post. We are now in a season of life I'd like to call...exhaustastic.

Exhausting, yes, because we are raising 2 boys, and God gave us the kind that DON'T just chill. I in fact am still a little doubtful that those kinds exist...even if you have one, and have told me you have one, there's a piece of me that can't believe it. My boys are on the go, curious, and opinionated. Yes, even Cooper, at almost 5 months, has made that clear. Here at our house, we are doing things, all the time. We are busy.

And fantastic, of course, because it just is fantastic. 2 little sweet loves we have the privilege of knowing. Watching them smile and learn and grow and understand is the sweetest thing. They are blessings from the Lord that we are so grateful to have.

So I know in a year from now I will forget so many of the constantly cute things that happen as I walk through day after exhausting day. Actually I'll forget by next week.So this week I want to take a snapshot. Just a regular week from the pages of the Exhaustastic Chapter. Complete with the pictures that may or may not end up in the family album, but definitely remind me of...right now.

So here we 1 of 5.


Nick is a stud and wakes up every morning with our super early riser, Jackson. Here's one vignette set up amongst many others when I joined the party this morning. We. Love. Cars.

Sprinkle pancakes. A favorite.

Went shopping today, And as a big surprise to me, when selecting the item(s) he was allowed to take with him, Jackson chose Mickey and Minnie instead of the usual, cars. He's showing me there "messy noses"

Jackson being a good boy waiting on "the sidewalk" while I strap Cooper into the Baby Bjorn. This is the only way we shop. Coop in the "baby backpack".

My shopping barnacle all ready to go.

Target!! Always a pleasure. Jackson now likes to walk in the store, not ride in the cart. He's making a run for the milk, which he just located on the back wall and is excitedly saying "I see it! I see it!"

Naptime. Currently in the middle of trying to adjust Cooper to falling asleep in ANYTHING other than the swing. Partly because he is growing out of it, and partly because we are not taking the giant swing with us to Lake Tahoe in 3 weeks. So far not a happy camper about it.

Made it through naptime with partial success.And with great success just filled up that diaper. This is monumental partly because Cooper is NOT a pooper, and waits a good week to go. And partly because this is the first poo after starting rice cereal, which all you moms know means we are getting stinkier!

Late afternoon walk to the overlook.


Jackson isn't overly interested in babies, but at least once a day he gives Cooper some good brother attention and me a fleeting chance to capture it. Squish face after dinner.

Making silly sounds.

Dancing and spinning.

Coming Soon...Tuesday.