Day #2: Tuesday

This morning we were all up bright and early, thanks Jackson. Daddy and Cooper are waking up slowly...Jacksy is ready to go!

"huge hills" for the monster trucks to drive on

while I put Cooper down for his morning nap, Jackson watched some home video's, a favorite activity.

Scooter riding while Cooper slept.

sometime between 10 and 11, still in pajamas.

Took a "lunch walk" to the "big park" when Coop woke up. Pb&j, apples and "bunny cookies" in the stroller.

Playground time.

Mommy made the boys take a brother picture!

Coop took another catnap on the way home!

A little "Cars" after naptime today(which actually was a good sleep!)

rice cereal!

bathtime...Jackson was too busy to look at the camera.

Grande Finale of the day-bedtime with daddy- tonight that also involved doing the Noah's Ark puzzle.