Went a little wild with the pictures today. Whew! We've made it to Wednesday night! Something about Thursday just feels weekendy already. Although I should note that my weekend looks perfectly and exactly like my weekdays...but Daddy is thrown in the mix for 2 days straight, which makes for a great weekend everytime!

Ok Wednesday...

Good morning Cooper! Waking up slowly...if you look closely, notice how loose his onesie is. He is a little heatbox so sleeps in onesies and this is what I put him in after his bath last night. Every other onesie in the drawer was too small for him, except for this one...and it's size 24 months. It's humongous. Time to get out the hand me down bins and exchange the newborn to 3 month clothes for the 6 month clothes! Poor kiddo!

Daddy taught Jackson a trick this morning: how to use your shirt as a net to put cars in-that way you can carry a bazillion at a time.

Scrambled eggs with cheese and bananas with chocolate sauce while watching his current favorite show: Word World. Although his love for all things sweet was trumped by his new desire to keep his hands clean while he's eating. I should've stuck the bananas in the freezer for a few minutes so they weren't so gooey.

Sometimes Coopers toys are too fun to pass up.

Cooper went down for his morning nap and Jacksy and I played trains. This used to be the main activity in our house, but it has lost its lead to playing with cars.

Considered doing the dishes during Coopers morning nap. Breakfast dishes AND, I must admit, last nights dinner dishes too. Decided to procrastinate again this morning.

Coopers morning nap only lasted 30 minutes...so we rescued him.

middle morning: this guy was getting...

a little bit...


Time to go outside! I wish this picture accurately portrayed how STEEP this hill was! I have yet to join the runners, but I am a walker-determined to get as far and high and low as this double stroller will take me.

My look for the day.

Special treat today...saw a bulldozer! Especially great that we saw it today, June 18th, on my Grandpa Sutter's 79th Birthday! He worked at Caterpillar : )

Jackson also showed me where Jesus died on the cross at this "Post Office"

Home for lunch. We usually don't play with crayons and markers while eating lunch, but I get the privilege of being fun mommy whenever I want to. Anytime we do anything out of the norm, I make it a big exciting deal! He ate a huge bowl of raisins and graham crackers and cheerios on our walk, so I just made a little dinosaur chicken and corn bowl for him and let him keep playing.

still being fun mom.

hangin' out! people are starting to get tired though...naptime!

Did it.

Afternoon nap for Cooper was much more successful. Jackson not so much. I had to go in his room multiple times. Once because he had turned the volume up on his Bible story cd to SUPER loud and was crying about that. Once because he was kicking the wall. And once because he leaned too far over his "special railing" and fell right out of bed. This is a picture of his wound from the fall. I was no longer fun mommy during these visits. In the end this was a sleepless naptime.

Late afternoon. Just playing and waiting for Daddy to come home. Cooper loves watching Jackson. Time to make dinner. Chicken Fettucini, peas, and applesauce.

Watching Jacksy and getting so sleeeeepy. Little sweet baby.

Surprise visit from Aunt Amy and Uncle Drew! After bathtime, playing the "popcorn game" with Aunt Amy.

So now my legs are aching, the good kind of "I moved around today" ache. Looking forward to a shower, watching Design Star, and of course discussing all kinds of plans and dreams and silly kid stories with Nick!