Good morning! Happy and rested and ready to go!

I mean, c'mon! How cute is this guy?

We were playing with trains and cars and I had given Cooper a train and Jackson insisted that he wanted it, so I told him he had to trade with Cooper not just take it...please pick out one other toy for him to play with. So he gave him the flashlight.

Cooper fascinated with his big brother, nose picking and all.

more sprinkle pancakes today, upon request.

And he wanted to eat his pancakes like this...chair pulled up to the counter.

Cooper getting sleepy...time for morning naptime. He had a "please hold me" kind of morning, so even getting put down for a diaper change was very sad.

mid-morning living room. Jackson watching Word World while I put Cooper down.

Cooper's naptime = laundry time. Had some help loading it in.

Also seemed like a good place for a quick foot wash.

next, washed the windows.

Then swept the floor. Side note: Jackson doesn't always do all the chores with me. I do a lot of that while they are both sleeping during naptime or later after bedtime. But if he is awake these are generally the chores he likes helping I usually have him be my helper. : )

Big emotional shift from the last picture to this one. Cooper only slept for 30 minutes yet again, so he was still pretty tired, Jackson was getting tired, but I wanted to run to the store for milk before they slept. Cooper screamed the whole way to the store, and Jackson got aggravated and started crying too, as well as saying with as much authority as he could, "Cooper, that's enough! Cooper, that's enough!!" (this is sometimes that Daddy says to Jackson when he needs to settle down about something). This was the successful moment when we arrived at the store. Luckily the ride home was smoother-Cooper was calm and Jackson got some "nem-in-nems" at the store.

Successfully back at home. Whew! Some lunch and off to naptime-Jackson had no objection whatsoever to his nap today-and he fell asleep right away, as did Coops.

Woke up from naptime a little grumpy. Daddy got home a little early today and showed J a crazy huge caterpillar we found outside. We were outside both trying to put a window screen back in that I had taken out in my morning window washing frenzy and hosed down, during which time Jackson also asked that I hose down his little mickey mouse airplane rider thing, which splashed everywhere and got Jacksons shorts wet so we took them off and dried them on the patio table. That was a sidenote. Jackson was moderately interested in the caterpillar.

Late afternoon was calm and uneventful. just home and relaxed.

Managed to catch a little brother love moment. "Hi Coopy Coopy Coopy!!! Little baby!!"

Boys doing some work together.

Dinner tonight with Uncle Andy, Uncle Drew and Aunt Amy!

Jackson loves to play pretend, and food is no exception. Tonight the noodles and the vegetables turned his hand into a robot hand. This bread was Lightning McQueen at one point winning the Piston Cup, and was also a lion. Nick and I have to remind him to eat his food, eat his food every couple of minutes. He finally downed it all when I tempted him with peanut butter cookies.

And there it is! We'll see you tomorrow, bright and early!