10 Memorable Moments From 10 Years of Marriage:

  1. Our first year of marriage: living in the married dorms at Moody in Chicago. Being on the 7th floor with a city view, listening to Michael Buble and eating hamburger helper and watching 24.
  2. Living in our little beach bungalow in San Clemente. Setting up tiki torches on our front patio with the french doors. Getting way too many home items from Pier 1. Being able to walk down to the beach or Del Mar Street. Not having a dishwasher. Spontaneously painting our tiny bathroom deep dark purple.
  3. Having unending conversations about RYFO, and every step along the way of RYFO becoming a reality. Every step that felt sometimes crazy and like not everyone is going to understand this but that’s ok, because God put it on our hearts and this is the right step to take and not knowing what the next step would be. Trusting God in a whole new way. Joyfully watching people come together to love others and share Jesus.
  4. That day I took my 1 millionth pregnancy test, and after two and a half years of infertility, I was shocked and uncertain about that test being positive, and we immediately drove to the store to get multiple more tests to double check. It was positive.
  5. Those 3 different hospital visits when we got to meet each of our three amazing, silly, crazy boys. All in March. All blonde.
  6. The time we drove all the way up the coast together, pre-babies.
  7. Our RYFO host home/family trip to the Midwest in the fall with little Jackson and me pregnant with Coop and JB stuck being our personal photographer as we visited almost every extended family member possible.
  8. The times we binge-watched Lost and Friday Night Lights and Downton Abbey and that one anniversary trip we hung out in the room and watched a billion episodes of some Alaska show.
  9. All the other times we just hung out.
  10. The time I was trying to write a blog for our tenth anniversary and I got so tired and unmotivated so instead we watched silly videos on youtube.

Here’s to all the amazing, romantic, life-changing, mountain-top moments, and all the regular, every day, tired, hungry, silly, accident-prone, hilarious, leave the oven on for a week while we’re away moments in between.  Learning and loving each other in the big ways and the small ways.  It feels like yesterday and forever ago, and I love that we are in this together.