A few events occurred this Sunday morning that were out of the ordinary for me. They just don’t happen every day, and stood out to me. So I figured they were worth mentioning. 3 things, to be specific. Two of which are completely insignificant, and one that got me thinking.

I was able to accomplish a Pinterest hairstyle enough to wear it in public. You know all those super cute, crazy complicated braided hairstyles on Pinterest? Yeah, I’ve pinned a bunch, and tried a bunch. And they just, no. They don’t work out.  Not at all. Until today. The headband braid, while it wasn’t perfect, it was at least functional, and I am still finding a small sense of accomplishment in this little step.

I drank coffee today. I don’t really like coffee, but felt like I might fall asleep if I blinked a little too slowly this morning, while singing and playing the piano on stage at church. If you feel like you are going to fall asleep in that moment, that is when you need some serious help. So I drank the coffee. I didn’t love it, but I am still awake now, so I think that ended up a success as well.

Those were the insignificant things. You’re welcome for sharing.

While driving today, a big old squirrel shot out into the road and before I had a chance to brake, it had thumped right under my tires, and become roadkill. I had a shiver of ewwww yuck-ness, felt a little sad for the poor squirrel and kept going. So that got me thinking about the last time, and only other time, I’ve hit an animal driving. It was way back in high school. I was driving my best friend Kirstin home and ran right over a rabbit.  It freaked me out and grossed me out so much that when we got to Kirstin’s house I came right in with her, and not knowing what to do, called my dad. I am now laughing at how that phone call went. “Hello?” “Hi dad, it’s Emily, I’m at Kirstin’s house and I just ran over a bunny.”  I only lived a few blocks from Kirstin. But my dad told me it was ok, and just come on home. And so I did, and tried my best not too look at that bunny in the road on the way.

So thinking about that call to my dad, there were a few things I did not rationally go over before dialing that phone. For example, I did not think, “Wow, that was unpleasant, but it happens all the time, it’s not really that big of a deal, and I’m fine, so I guess I’ll calm down and go home.”  No. To my teenage self it was an abnormal and unpleasant moment that I had not encountered before and it overwhelmed my little self, so that was enough reason to stop everything else and call my dad. 

The mediocre yet successful braid headband

I didn’t have to call my dad today about the squirrel because I could handle it. But here it is, here’s the thought. Obviously, I am glad that I have matured into an adult who can handle little moments like that with a bit more well-rounded, emotionally stable of a reaction. But what if my “mature” ability to conquer small unpleasant moments on my own is taking away from my relationship with God. I think the first time I’m worried about something, frustrated by something, lose my patience with something, I go to God. Dump it on Him, ask for help, move forward with Him. But the 2nd, 3rd, 4th time those same unpleasant things pop up, I think its not a big deal, I can handle it on my own. I am not sure that is the kind of maturity I am looking for. Knowing how to react in a Godly way is good, but completely missing the opportunity to connect with Him relationally and personally over what is happening in my own heart and life, not mature. I am not doing this living thing on my own and want to make sure I keep my God a part of it. I need to keep calling my Dad, even if it maybe isn’t a BIG deal, and I kind of know what He is going to say. It is the calling, not the knowing, that keeps my heart close to His. And that is the maturity I’m after. So if you are reading this, I am challenging you, along with myself, to take notice of those bumps in the road this week instead of rolling right over them (lol-awww, sorry squirrel). Choose NOT to handle them without Him. Dump them on Him and move forward with Him. Even if you think you kinda might know what He is going to say, let Him say it. Choose Him over handling it. I think He wants to be there. So I am on the lookout for the roadkill this week. Join me.

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